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Professional Services


Need help with an upcoming presentation? Need help thinking through a story for a film?  A book?  A keynote speech?...


Hire Sally to give an inspiring, story-filled speech, keynote, brief presentation on topics like:


Perhaps you want the members of your organization, your church, your group to build bridges to connect more deeply with one another and...


These are the typical requests, but will always be adapted to meet your specific needs. “Stand-Out” Presentational Skills...

Storytelling & the Art of Organizational Maintenance

Sally spoke at the Disrupt HR meeting in Indianapolis, September 2017 about the necessity of storytelling in the work of human resources.

What Clients Say

“I help to plan a conference of neighborhood activists who present their successes to their peers. Many of the presenters are very grassroot volunteers and not necessarily in positions to speak publicly in their personal or work lives. This year we added a storytelling session that would be very brief and informal but more engaging tales than the usual presentations. I know Sally from our neighborhood and had also seen her perform on stage. I recommended to the conference organizers to hire Sally to help train the presenters in public speaking and to also coach the storytellers. All who attended either session were bowled over by Sally’s instruction, both her style and content. Even those who had extensive experience in public speaking learned new techniques. Everyone was so impressed and enthusiastic. She helped give people confidence, made them more effective in their presentations, and it was fun!”

-Margaret Banning, Executive Director of the Irvington Development Organization


"Thoroughly enjoyable, funny, inspiring, and relevant for today. I'm fortunate to have seen it first hand and wish the same for thousands of others.  A story all Americans need to hear!"

-Connie Lawson, IN Secretary of State

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