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Watch a clip from her premiere of The Charm, the Harm, and the Daring of Dillinger, sponsored by the Indiana Historical Society & Storytelling Arts of Indiana and performed in the Basile Theater at the Indiana History Center, January 2013.

The Charm, the Harm, and the Daring of Dillinger is a suspense-filled story tracing the life of a run-of-the-mill boy who inadvertently received a world class criminal education that propelled him into a criminal career.  In following John Dillinger from boredom to desperation to sheer audacity, the story depicts the infamous trickster who out-witted law enforcement in a 14-month wild chase in and around the state of Indiana.

I was struck by how Sally incorporated so much factual material into an engaging narrative that filled the audience with anticipation and engagement. Sally showed a masterful touch in her research and she negotiated the moral compass of the story perfectly: How can Indiana claim Dillinger as one of its most well-known citizens without glorifying the criminal life?”
Susan O’Halloran – nationally-renowned storyteller

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